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Meet everyone who makes Omorfy so great

Hair transplant is our passion. We make every treatment something special. With great pleasure, personal attention and love, we ensure that you get a beautiful head of hair again. Does a hair transplant still sound too drastic? No problem. At Omorfy we are happy to guide you through the process of going bald. Together we look for the solution that suits you best.

Drs. Novia Mozart

Hair transplant doctor

I am Dr. Nova Mozart. In the year 2000 I graduated as a medical doctor at the Catholic University Atma Jaya in Jakarta Indonesia.

During my studies I paid particular attention to the field of dermatology. After completing the medical exam at the University of Amsterdam, I have enjoyed performing hair transplants, both in the Netherlands and abroad. I have worked in Jakarta, London, Dubai and in China and have been able to train several doctors. I now have more than ten years of experience in this wonderful profession.

Precision and finesse are two of the many qualities I have mastered as a hair transplant specialist. In my profession, it is crucial to keep learning and innovating if you want to achieve the best results. With all my experience, it was time to create my own place where I can perform my passion at a higher level. At Omorfy I want to develop new things, train new people, get closer to my clients and, most importantly, enjoy all the wonderful results.

BIG: 89915274701

Wilssany Franse

General manager

I am Wilssany, mother of two beautiful children. I am married and I am now in my thirties.

Over the years I have worked at various clinics. I am grateful that I was able to build up so much experience. I learned a lot about hair, hair diseases, hair transplantation and all the methods and techniques involved, but also about cooperation, empathy and compassion. What struck me and intrigued me at the same time is that you don’t get to see the complete picture at any clinic. That’s why we’ve made sure this is the case here!

Omorfy is a place where we deliver great results when it comes to hair. Both customers and employees are central to us. Our clinic is a wonderful place, full of different competences where cooperation can almost be called a work of art.

Every day is special and full of interesting challenges. Every week is a little better. Every month is a step further and every year adds an interesting chapter.

This is me, this is Omorfy.


Hair technician

My name is Anuk. After living in France for 7 years and gaining a lot of experience in the beauty industry as an all-round beautician, I was given the opportunity to start a new challenge.

More than 4 years ago I started as a Hair Technician in a well-known clinic in the Netherlands. In May 2021 I made the choice to switch to Omorfy.

The nice thing about working at Omorfy is that we always use the latest techniques and technologies. As a result, we are constantly in a learning process so that we can give the client the best treatment.


Hair technician